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Offshore & local investments

A well devised investment plan will accelerate you towards financial freedom.

To be a successful investor you need to:

What are you saving for? A goal is set in a time frame. The shorter the time at your disposal the more you have put a way to reach your goal, and this will determine how much risk you can afford to take on.

Everyone is an investor until they start to lose money. When it comes to risk you need to ask yourself: a) What is my capacity for risk? If you have more time and a larger investment amount you have a larger capacity for risk. b) What is my appetite for risk? This has to do with your own psychology. Some people have a higher tolerance for risk than others.

Here you need to understand investment vehicles, the cost of the investment, the tax consequences of the investment and the possible investment growth you possibly can attain for the risk you are taking on.

The Dragon Team

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Hannes du Preez – BCom (Cum Laude), BCom (Hon) (Cum Laude), MCom (Cum Laude) and CFP TM.

Head of Asset Management at Prima Batebestuur.

Wilmie Geldenhuys – B.com (Cum Laude)

Portfolio Manager at Prima Batebestuur.

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Carin Combrink – BCom and BCom (Hon).

Assistant Portfolio Manager at Prima Batebestuur.