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Employee benefits

We make it our business to take the hassle out of your pension and provident fund, so that you can continue working on your business.

We started off our business in the employee benefits space. We understand the processes and we know how to provide a value service. We understand that companies are unique; therefore, we provide a tailor-made service to our employee benefits clients, which includes:

  • Annual review of investments and fees.

  • Regular review of the best service providers to fit your needs.
  • On-site assistance with administration and member communication.
  • First-hand assistance on claim management.
Dragon Team

Frequently asked questions

We understand employee benefits can seem quite complex. To assist you in understanding your benefits, we created these short videos to answer the most common questions around your employee benefits.

Can I transfer my current Retirement Annuity to my pension or provident fund? (00:51)
How does the investments work on a retirement fund? (00:53)
How do we assist you regarding your retirement fund? (01:43)
How does the tax work on retirement funds? (01:17)
What is the turn around times on claims? (01:09)
What are the procedures when I leave the company? (01:22)
What do I have to do to get my retirement fund going? (01:09)
Why is it important to compile a beneficiary form? (01:23)
Who are my beneficiaries? (01:15)
What happens to my fund value when I leave the company? (01:30)